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Covid-19 Workshop Update

Due to an increase locally in covid levels we are reducing

what workshops are currently on offer

We will be offering Glass Fusing Workshops Every thursday Allowing 2 sessions per day.

One starting at 10am and one from 1.30pm

The options of fusing are on the Fusing workshops page.

Voucher Holders -

To anyone who has an existing voucher we are keen to get these

going so please get in touch for the workshop you have on your voucher, we are

allowcating special private time for these to take place so these are not part of the

current restriction but will need to be discussed prior to booking to work out days /  

times as well as other requirements.

Workshops are limited indoors to people from the same household up to a maximum of 4 people.

No refreshments will be offered so please bring a drink with you that you can take away or

discard of afterwords.

Masks must be worrn by everyone during the workshop and unfortunatly we will not be able to accept anyone exempt for our own safety.

Bookings will require contact details for track and trace purposes so bookings must be made online or full details will be asked for at the time of payment.

Both Colin and myself have had both injections for the vaccine and will be carrying out all necessary steps for safety during the workshop.

We ask anyone attending that is unwell in anyway, even if you are not showing symptoms of covid but feel unwell in general not to attend the workshop.

Colin and Myself are classed as vunerable and also rely on both of us keeping our business running so we ask for your assistance to help us keep open and work safely, by following the COVID-19 safety guidlines.

Thank you.