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Fused Glass Projects:

Bullseye Glass

Create a fused glass piece using glass frit and learning how to cut pieces of glass to shape for your design.

You will be supplied with a 12cm x 12cm blank template for which to create your glass fusion.

Cost of workshop is £60 per person and is suitable for any age over 5 years

Once finished we fire in a kiln overnight and either turned into a hanging or placed into a specially worked piece of local wood / drift wood.

The wood is dried for a year before being used and treated ready for being worked into stands and all have been collected locally before starting the drying process.

The glass is special fusing glass that is imported from America and is used for its purpose to fuse together and perfect for its lovelly range of colours to let you create your keep sake.

Colin or myself also give you our full attntion on this workshop and by using our experiance and showing / teaching you techniques you are able to create a piece that would far exceed any expectations regardless of your experience level.

You will have full use of our studio during your glass making wihch allowes you to use all our machinery for your art piece from grinding to our speciallist glass saw and much more.

Workshops available on Most Days but please check availability before coming.

10 am or 1.30 pm  We can at a push take up to 4 people from one house hold but in order for you to get the best experience we like to keep keep our numbers smaller.

We are currently offereing the following options for half size hangers are currently being offered at £30 (minimum of 2 bookings per session)

These are made the same way as above and with the same time allocation, available to book until the end of September Thursday / Fridays.

To Book: please send us an email to check availability.