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Bigger Fused Glass Options

Create a fused glass piece using glass frit and learning how to cut pieces of glass to shape for your design.

You will be supplied with piece of clear glass approximately 120cm x 160cm

Cost of workshop is £65 per person

(Wooden Stand Option Extra £10)

and is suitable for any age over  5 years

You will learn how to cut glass and create a design using small pieces of Bullseye coloured glass or powders / frits.

Once finished we fire in a kiln overnight and either turned into either  apflat piece then placed into a specially worked piece of local wood / drift wood, it will be fired again and slumped  into an arched shape.

The wood is dried for a year before being used and treated ready for being worked into stands and all have been collected locally before starting the drying process.

The glass is special fusing glass that is imported from America and is used for its purpose to fuse together and perfect for its lovely range of colours to let you create your keep sake.

Colin or myself also give you our full attention on this workshop and by using our experience and showing / teaching you techniques you are able to create a piece that would far exceed any expectations regardless of your experience level.

You will have full use of our studio during your glass making which allowed you to use all our machinery for your art piece from grinding to our speciallist glass saw and much more.

Workshops available on Most Days but please check availability before coming.

10.30am or 1.30 pm  We can at a push take up to 4 people from one house hold but in order for you to get the best experience we like to keep keep our numbers smaller.

To Book: please send us an email to check availability.

Glass Hangers

Create a fused glass hanger while on your stay to Oban, that can be fired overnight and collected before you leave (or have it posted to your home for your return.

You will be given a piece of clear glass which you can decorate with glass powders, frits and small pieces of coloured glass to create your masterpiece.  we will guide you every step of the way and even show you how to cut glass if you wish to learn how.

We ask to  allow yourself at least 2 hours for creating. Most workshops start at 1.30 in the afternoon of your booked day, and you then can create at your leisure until about 4pm

If you require to come in the morning we can arrange workshops between 10.30 to 12.30, again by pre arrangement on certain dates.

Each piece of glass will be turned into a hanger once it has been fired.

Cost Per Person £30

This workshop is suitable for any age above 5 years to Adults. but is subject to minimum booking of 2 or more people Mondays to Thursdays.

Single person bookings are possible on our "Open Studio Days" on agreed dates). For groups more than 4 people, please contact us to see what is possible.

Please email us for more information.

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Preparation time is required by us before each booking.

Please make sure you confirm your space at least 24 hours before attending. Otherwise we may be unable to accept your booking.