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We aim to have all items listed online so you can see whats available to buy, this is a long process so please bear with us x

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We will list any special offers here or you can follow us on facebook / Instagram for any of our latest products, news and specials

We Are An Open Studio

Our studio is attached to our shop just underneath Farmfoods in Oban, (View the map on our contact us page).

We are usually here most days of the week but often work across the country so we have a system in place, that if we are in our studio and there is no sign preventing access then you are welcome to come and see what we are up to, discuss work and look around our shop.

We have three days a week that we aim to guarantee our shop will be open and we will be in the studio available to speak with but if you find you want to visit on a weekend or evening then please email us and we will do our best to accomodate any request.

Occaisionally we may need to close on our designated shop open days, but we will put a notice up on the main page of our site and there will be a notice at the shop.  

We appreciate our customers come from far and wide and encourage you to contact us before hand if you are worried about a wasted journey. - This situation is very rare but can happen due to the nature of our work