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Stained Glass

At Highland Glass we create a diverse range of stained glass windows traditional and contemporary, we create our panels using Art glass, System 96, Bullseye and depending on the design we can even use recycled glass, these can be encapsulated in double glazed windows and doors which will keep in the heat.


If you are interested in a quote from us about a stained glass window restoration or design  please contact us via the contact us page.


After responding to a request we start by surveying the window, photographing the  subject and the surrounding area to get an idea of accessibility and lighting. If the panel is a new design rather than a restoration we will also photograph surrounding areas of the building such as structures, plants and landscapes that could have some reference incorporated to the final piece.


We will take measurements and come up with an estimate for the project, for restorations we try to use as much of the original glass as possible and what ever we replace we recycle into something new.


For new designs we will suggest an estimate and work closely to the brief of the client, we will draw up some designs and email them to you in a PDF document which contains mock images made on Photoshop that will show what the design may look like when fitted. This will then be followed by final price quotes for each design.


After the draft is finalised we may schedule another visit for an update and then we start the construction of the panel.


in most cases installation requires scaffolding and will need to make sure the area is accessible, windows can be installed from both the inside and outside  of the building, this stage can take some time especially if installing into stone work.


We will update you on the times of installation making it a time that suits you.

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