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I have created an embeded page of our online shop for you to have a sneak view here but to enjoy it in full click the online shop links I have created an embeded page of our online shop for you to have a sneak view here but to enjoy it in full click the online shop links

We are a dedicated family run business based in Oban, Scotland












Colin and I have always loved glass, Colin has spent over 30 years in the glass industry making stained glass and double glazed windows and doors.


I founded Highland Glass as a hobby but due to an accident that caused a permanent injury preventing  me to work in normal circumstances I made the descision to become self employed which quickly turned into being a full time roll with Colin joining me to help. We are now proud to have been working this way for over 10 years now.

I believe that our work is more than just providing art or windows  its the pleasure of giving customers the best service!

Up until 2020 we also offered a wide range of workshops in all areas of glass and ceramics but due to the COVID-19 virus shutting businesses and resticting social distancing, we realsied quickly that this would part of our business that would be slow to return.... while in lock down we wanted to provide our crafts for people to make in a safe and fun manor in the comfort of peoples own homes and this is when our Make from home rainbow packs were born!... we aim to keep these going with lots more ideas in the pipeline very soon.

Our business will continue to offer art commissions online gifts and stained glass and glazing services throughout this troubled time and we are humbled at the respnse of our Make at home rainbow packs. (Thank you for your continued support)


A little more about Colin and myself....

Colin is a Stained Glass specialist, working in the field for over 30 years now and been mentored by some of the great Stained Glass Artists in Glasgow his passion for creating bespoke windows really does show in his creations.

More recently Colin has started producing Glass art as well as Stained Glass and really enjoys making contemporary items using Float Glass, a term used for window glass.


I started out  my careers working in IT and administration, and over the years I have been self employed with making crafts and running a fancy dress shop. But when Colin and I met he introduced me to Glass and I was hooked!  so under his teaching and also self learning and experimenting I have developed some really interesting techniques that I use in fusing glass.  I love making glass sculptures and recently introduced Ceramics into our business as this has also become a great passion creating Ceramic Sculptures and also mixing Glass and Ceramics together in designs.




Please enjoy looking around our website and you are more than welcome coming to see us at our studio!




Gail & Colin